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Chester PaddleBoard Festival


The Rotary Club of Chester Deva


Chester Paddle Board Festival - A Charity Fun Paddle Boarding Event


Sunday 16 June 2024


  • Competitors must be over 16 years of age unless supervised by an adult on the water
  • Suitable correctly fitting buoyancy aid with a minimum 50n buoyancy must be worn- this will be checked at registration point
  • Competitors must be capable swimmers
  • Competitors are advised to keep clear of the weir
  • A quick release waist leash is mandatory with no ankle leashes permitted

All persons taking part in the event(s) do so at their own risk, knowing that there is always an element of danger in such events and acknowledge that there is no responsibility for any loss or injury whatsoever upon those organising the event.

The Course:

A series of buoys laid by Chester Motor Boat Club on the morning of the event will mark the boundaries of the course as far as the return point at St Paul’s Church where participants will return to the Groves. All participants will be instructed to keep to the right hand side of the buoys whilst competing, returning down river by keeping to the right hand side of the buoys. A manned boat will be anchored and positioned just past the bandstand.

The registration point at The Groves will be set up from 8am for participants to collect their numbered tabards.


Primary Safety Boats:

Boats from the Chester Motor Boat Club will patrol the buoyed course during the events. Safety boats will be in communication with the Event Coordinator.

First Aid:

St Johns Ambulance will be in attendance at the event with two personnel (at least) at each of the two evacuation points (see below).

Emergency services will be notified in advance of the event, and two emergency evacuation points will be established on the Sandy Lane slipway and the Grosvenor Rowing Club slipway (by the Boat House public house). Both have easy vehicular access.

Identification of Stewards/Marshals:
All helpers will be required to wear high visibility clothing, and if on water, correctly fitting buoyancy aid with a minimum 50n buoyancy, as applicable.

Emergency Action Plans:

St Johns Ambulance will be located at/close to the start and finish points.
The Groves (CH1 1SD)

In the event of an incident on the water the Chester Motor Boat Club boats will have priority to assist and crew’s to report to the Event Co-Ordinator the location, nature of incident, and casualty assessment. Casualties may need to be transported to the closest of the start and finish slipways for medical attention, and potentially onward transport to hospital via the Emergency Services via 999.

In the event of an incident on land the Stewards/Marshals should assist and report to the Event Co-Ordinator who can direct medical or other services to the incident as appropriate. If a medical emergency, the Emergency Services may be contacted directly via 999.


If the conditions on the day of the event are such that it cannot safely commence or continue, the Event Coordinator may decide to suspend or cancel the event. Such reasons can include:

  • Poor weather
  • River level and flow, including tide and debris
  • Water quality eg sewage release
  • Serious incident on or off water
  • Instruction from the Emergency Services


Participants will be made aware at the commencement of their activities that the river remains open to other users who may not necessarily be aware of the event.

Commercial boats such as the Lady Diana do not commence operating until 11.00 hours on the day, and will have been made aware of the event taking place, and as the event is scheduled to be complete on the water by 11.00 hours there should be no clashing of timetables.

To avoid congestion on the river we would request that competitors vacate the course at the Groves on finishing their event.


Recommended parking at the Little Roodee car park CH1 1SL (charges apply).


Existing toilet facilities at the Groves will be utilised.


8.00 First participants arrive at registration point
8.30 First group of 20 boards will enter the water- followed by another group every 5 minutes
10.45 Finish of the Event on the water (cruise boats commence 11am)
11.15 Prize-giving ceremony at the Groves Bandstand

8. Other


There will be an official photographer at the event taking photos for possible use in  promoting future events and publicity.  Please let us know in advance if you do not wish any images to be used in this way quoting your registration number.


Other than the event being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, refunds will not be issued.